Fostering economic ties between Zambia and the UK We are open to the World Africa's second largest
copper producer
Zambia is proud to be
With over 1.2 million tourist visitors to Zambia each year Signature experiences only Zambia can provide strip Visit insightful
Museums of History
Zambia is a country rich in History & Culture strip
Agriculture plays a vital role in the Zambian economy Zambia's growing industries

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Zambia Diaspora Policy

How does the Zambian Diaspora Policy impact you? For Zambians living in the UK and interested in applying for dual citizenship, buying land in Zambia, or setting up a business back home


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Need to apply for a new Visa? Single and multi-entry visa's, available through the London  Mission. Visa hours  10:00 AM to 1:00 PM, Monday - Friday excluding Zambian & Bank holidays


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Are you looking to apply for a New Passport? Do you need to get hold of a birth, death, or marriage certificate, or you need your documents authenticated or to apply for police clearance?

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