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43 bestowals of Zambian Citizenship for Zambians in the UK

“I am happy to inform Zambians based in the United Kingdom that the Zambian government has approved 43 bestowal of citizenship applications made by Zambian applicants based in the United Kingdom. This is very good news and as a Mission we are urging more Zambians based in the UK to apply. The applications forms can be obtained at the Zambia High Commission,”

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Invest in the Tourism Sector. PS Lungu urges Zambians in the Diaspora

Tourism PS Mr. Lungu said there is need for Zambians in the diaspora to take advantage of investment opportunities by investing in the booming tourism sector.

“To the Zambians in the diaspora, I implore you to take advantage of these opportunities.”

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Zambians in the Diaspora Help Zambian Youth find a voice

The inaugural virtual event labelled; The Eagle’s Nest Summit – where ideas are born to soar, gave significant opportunity to the youth of Zambia to think beyond their current limitations and convert their complaints and frustrations into competitive advantage in business.

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Zambians in the Diaspora have a right to land

During a virtual Zoom meeting organized by ‘Zambians Together’ in partnership with the Zambian High Commission in London and the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources under the theme, “acquisition of Land in Zambia”, the Commissioner of Lands discussed among other things how Zambians in the Diaspora can acquire traditional or state land and how title deeds are processed.

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Zambia Bushcamps ranked #2 and #9

The Bushcamp lodges guarantees an unrivalled wildlife experience in one of the last unspoilt wilderness regions of Africa, the very place where the African walking safari was pioneered.

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