Consular Affairs

Consular affairs include:



It is important for Zambians to register with the Mission in the United Kingdom for the following reasons:

To establish contact for information sharing about developments in Zambia
To help identify skills, fields of study and businesses of our nationals in order for
the Government to make informed decisions.

To make it easier for the Government to locate and facilitate assistance of our
nationals in case of emergency

Please note that all information will be kept private and confidential

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Procedures for obtaining Birth certificates

Registration of birth is compulsory. Birth Certificates are available to any applicant born on or after January 1, 1973, and can be obtained by the applicant applying to:

Registrar General of Births, Deaths & Marriages
P.O. Box 32311
Tel: (260-1) 228197

If a Birth Certificate was not issued at birth, but a Hospital Record of Birth or Baptismal Certificate was obtained, an Affidavit must be prepared by a member of the applicants family having knowledge of the birth.

The Affidavit must be sworn to before an officer authorized to administer oaths. The Hospital or Baptismal Certificate must be attached to the Affidavit, and submitted to the Registrar General requesting issuance of a late Birth Certificate.


Procedures for obtaining death certificates.

Procedures for applying for Death Certificate Application for a death certificate can be made in writing by the next of kin of the deceased whose death was registered in Zambia to:

Registrar General of Births, Deaths & Marriages
P.O. Box 32311
Tel: (260-1) 228197


Procedures for obtaining Marriage certificates

Application for a marriage certificate for a marriage that was solemnized in Zambia can be made in writing to:

The Registrar General of Births, Deaths & Marriages
P.O. Box 32311
Tel: (260-1) 228197



  • Birth Certificate £20.00
  • Marriage Certificate £20.00
  • Death Certificate £20.00

Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates issued will be sent to this Mission and the fees are payable on collection.


Procedures for Obtaining Police Clearance Certificates

You must obtain a set of fingerprints taken on a standard fingerprint form at any Police Station in the area of residence. The set of fingerprints obtained will then be forwarded by courier to the Inspector General of Police, Zambia Police for the attention of the Director C.I.D. The forwarded fingerprints should be accompanied by fees in form of international postal order or bank certified cheque.

Please note: Faxed and photocopied prints are not allowed and will not be processed.


  • $100.00 for Zambians living abroad
  • $225.00 for non-Zambians living abroad

Make the Money Order payable to the Inspector General of Police and send it to:

The Deputy Commissioner of Police (C.I.D.)
Office of the Inspector-General
Independence Avenue
P.O. Box 50104
Lusaka, Zambia

Tel: (260-1) 251827/253764
Fax: (260-1) 253543/253537

Enclose a pre-paid envelope of the courier of your choice for them to return the Police Certificate to you.


Procedures for Authority to Transport Human Remains to Zambia

Authority to transport Human Remains to Zambia requires prior written consent for such shipment from the following:

The High Commissioner
Zambia High Commission
2 Palace Gate
W8 5NG

The application should list the name and vital statistics of the decedent, the reason for such request, tentative transportation schedule, and names and addresses of residents of Zambia who will be responsible for the proper disposal of the human remains in Zambia.

The human remains must be accompanied by the following documents:

A notarized statement by the local health authorities that no danger of infection of the spread of disease exists.
The body shall be placed within a hermetically-sealed casket and wooden outer box, to be attested to by a notarized statement from the local health authority.
A locally-issued state burial and/or transit permit Certified copy of the Death Certificate Prior to actual shipment of the human remains, advance notification of the Health Ministry in Lusaka, Zambia shall be given specifying the airline, flight number, date and time of arrival in Lusaka.


Applicants will be required to submit original documents.

The fee is £15 and the process takes three (3) working days


For the importation of any livestock or livestock product and pets into Zambia from another country, it is always obligatory to obtain a Veterinary Permit from the Department of Research & Specialist Services (formally the Department of Veterinary & Tsetse Control Services). The Permit so obtained stipulates the conditions under which the importation will be carried out and which conditions the veterinary authorities of the exporting country must follow in preparing a Health Certificate.

The importer must first obtain an Import Permit from the headquarters of the department in Mulungushi House, Lusaka. This could be done through a contact person in Lusaka. The conditions contained on the permit are dependent on the type of livestock, pet or product, the country of origin and its disease status and the purpose for importing them.

The Import Permit so obtained must then be sent to the Veterinary authorities of the exporting country, who will use it as a guide to prepare a Health Certificate which must accompany the animals or products on entry into Zambia. The Permit issued in Zambia must also accompany the animals or products.

On arrival at destination, the importer MUST inform the nearest Veterinary Officer of the arrival of the products or animals, for the purpose of inspecting them.

Contact Information

Department of Research & Specialist Services
Mulungushi House
P.O. Box 50060
Lusaka, Zambia

Tel: (260-1) 253933/45
Fax: (260-1) 260505 or 253520
ATTN: Senior Veterinary Officer


Meet Mission Staff

Mr. Donald Pelekamoyo

First Secretary – Tourism

Ms. Millica Nkoma Mutale

First Secretary- Political and Administration

Mrs Patricia Chanda

Deputy High Commissioner

Mrs. Irene Chengo Mudenda

First Secretary-Trade

H.E. Lieutenant General Paul Mihova (Rtd)

High Commissioner

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Counselor Economic

Mr. Mwendabai Mataa

Counselor Political

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First Secretary-Protocol

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