Trade and Economics

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All the information you need to find out about applying for Certificates, Dual Nationality, Police certificates and Repatriating a loved one back to Zambia

Consular Affairs

Want to understanding the Missions services?

The Mission is here to make it easier for you to find information on Zambia, apply for the relevant documentation you may require and ask for help and advice on anything pertaining to Zambia. 

Legislature Judiciary & Constitution

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Its important to understand the Legal framework in Zambia, the Judiciary and the Constitution. Be clear on where you stand and what information is useful to you depending on what you may be experiencing..


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Zambia is renowned for its game parks wildlife and over 200 waterfalls. Learn more about travelling to Zambia and setting up a tourism-based business in Zambia. Or simply learn about how wonderfully warm and welcoming her people are. To visit Zambia is to begin a love affair that will never be exhausted!