Dual Citizenship

Following the introduction of Dual Citizenship under the Constitution of Zambia (Amendment No.2 of 2016), accepting applications for Bestowal of citizenship has now commenced.

Please be advised:

A citizen shall not lose citizenship by acquiring citizenship of another country. A person who ceased to be a citizen of Zambia before the
commencement of the constitution on 5 January 2016, can now apply for a bestowal of citizenship.

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Application must be lodged in the person’s country of residence. Applicant resident in the United Kingdom and Ireland must apply through the High Commission in person.

Applicant should complete the Bestowal of Citizenship form (Form VII) and must attach the following:

  • Copies of previous Zambian passport or National Registration Card (NRC)
  • Police clearance certificate.
  • 5 passport size photos
  • Certificate of Naturalisation
  • Application fee of K300.00 equivalent in Pounds

Note: Payment is by card only after the application has been accepted

Duly completed application form will be forwarded to the citizenship office in Lusaka. Upon Citizenship Board’s approval, a letter of approval will be sent to the Mission and applicant will be required to pay K5, 000.00 equivalent in Pounds.

Applicant will then be required to complete an oath of allegiance on (Form 9). The oath of allegiance and receipt for payment will be forwarded to the citizenship Office, Lusaka for issuance of the Certificate of Bestowal which will be sent to the Mission for onward transmission to the applicant.

  • Thereafter, the person can obtain for a new National Registration Card and passport.

A person who acquires citizenship of another country will be required to notify the citizenship Board of the acquisition of that other citizenship by completing and submitting Notice of Acquisition of Citizenship of another Country on form (Form VI) through the High Commission.

Download form here

You must attach documention evidencing the acquired citizenship.

If the person does not wish to hold dual citizenship or wishes to assume sole citizenship of another country, the person may make a declaration to the Board on Form X through the High Commission.

  • Upon the Board issuing the Certificate of Renunciation, the person must surrender the National Registration Card and other national identity documents for cancellation.
  • A citizen who has renounced citizenship of another country is required to notify the Board of the renunciation in writing and attach a certified copy of the certificate of renunciation or equivalent document issued by that country in respect of the renunciation within 6 months of the renunciation.
  • K1,000 ( in Pound equivalent) application fee.

A dual citizen can use either passport in Zambia.

Both passports should have the same details.

Citizenship by birth

A person born in Zambia is a citizen by birth if, at the time of that person’s birth, at least one parent is or was a citizen of Zambia.

Citizenship by descent

A person born outside Zambia is a citizen by descent if, at the time of that person’s birth, at least one parent is or was a citizen of Zambia

Citizenship by Registration

A person is entitled to apply to be registered as a citizen if that person has attained the age of 18 and –

  •  was born in Zambia and has been ordinarily resident in Zambia for a period of at least five years.
  •  was born outside Zambia, has or had an ancestor who is, or was a Zambian citizen, and has been ordinarily resident in Zambia for a period of at least five years
  •  has been ordinarily resident in Zambia for a continuous period of at least ten years; immediately preceding that person’s application for registration.
  •  is or was married to a citizen of Zambia for a period of at least five years.

Note: Applications for Citizenship by Registration have to be logged in Zambia.

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