We’ve redesigned our website with you in mind.


It is with great pleasure that we share our newly revamped and redesigned website with you!

Our prime objective was to build a website that worked in the interest of you, our visitors. It’s important that the information you are looking for is easy for you to find. We know what’s important to you and how vital it is that the information is easily available. The new design also allows for streamlined menus, clear navigation, and a responsive layout for all electronic platforms. Explore the site to learn more about our full spectrum of services!

Our site aims to serve you up easy to find information about;

  • The mission, its team, and services
  • Resources and information that’s easy for you to find access and download
  • Up to date information on the mission, our events, and government news
  • Contact details in the format that works best for you. We are here for you.

We hope you find the new site a pleasure to visit. It will be continuously updated.

We value feedback. Tell us how we’re doing.

Your feedback is very important to us we strive to develop a website that is of value to you. Please submit any questions, comments, and concerns to this feedback form.