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To effectively promote and protect Zambia’s interest and maintain good International Relations in order to contribute to sustainable development.



Zambia shall continue to engage the international community through inclusive dialogue, negotiations, and mutual consultations in the advancement of its national interests.

International economic frameworks and partnerships provide an important platform for dialogue and advancing bilateral and regional cooperation. In this regard, Zambia shall:

(a) utilise economic partnerships, at regional and international levels, as platforms for mobilisation of resources, dialogue and strengthening of economic partnerships;

(b) actively participate in strategic partnerships such as TICAD, AGOA, EU-Africa and FOCAC;

(c) utilise Joint Permanent Commission of Cooperation (JPCC) to strengthen bilateral cooperation; and, (d) support efforts by the African Union to rationalise the organisation and control the proliferation of strategic economic partnerships.

Zambia shall support regional, continental and global efforts that will contribute to international peace and security;

(a)support the universalisation of Conventions that promote peace and security; (b)Support efforts aimed at the implementation of the principle of peaceful resolution of conflicts and disputes;

(c)Support efforts aimed at eliminating human and drug trafficking, money laundering and international terrorism, which pose a threat to international peace and security;

(d)Support efforts and measures aimed at fighting racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance;

(e)Support efforts aimed at addressing humanitarian issues resulting from conflict situations and natural disasters.

Zambia shall:

(a) promote greater technical cooperation between Commonwealth countries; (b) improve the functioning of the Commonwealth Fund for technical cooperation;

(c) use the Commonwealth as a platform for advancing common positions at the global level;

(d) play an active role towards the reinvigoration of the Commonwealth;

(e) work towards the improvement of Commonwealth technical cooperation programmes and make them more accessible to developing member states; and, (f) encourage the promotion of Commonwealth values, good governance, transparency, democracy and human rights.

European countries and the EU remain strategic partners for Zambia’s development agenda. Zambia shall optimise the good relations that she maintains with the EU and other European countries in order to accelerate her development agenda. To this end, Zambia shall explore new areas of cooperation in which she shall encourage foreign investment, while accessing the EU market for Zambian exports. At the bilateral level, Zambia shall continue to cooperate with European countries to complement her efforts towards achieving sustainable development.

Zambia believes in the principle of justice and fairness for all. To this end Zambia shall:

(a) at the economic level, work towards removing barriers to trade in the world trading system by actively participating in the World Trade Organisation (WTO), EU/ACP and Regional Economic Community activities.

(b) at the political level, work towards the promotion of values of fairness and justice in the world order through organisations such as the United Nations, the African Union, Non-Aligned Movement and the Commonwealth of Nations.

Zambia recognises that the survival of the human race largely depends on the protection of the environment as a common heritage of humanity. To this end, Zambia shall support and participate in all international efforts aimed at the sustainable use and protection of the environment.

Zambia recognises the need for equal and full participation of both men and women at all levels of development as stipulated under the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, AU Solemn Declaration in Africa, the SADC Declaration on Gender and Development, Millennium Declaration and Development Goals. Therefore, Zambia shall uphold the principle of equality of treatment and opportunity between men and women

As a deterrent to external threats, Zambia shall continue to engage its defence forces to defend and protect the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity at all times. Additionally, Zambia shall continue to contribute to the maintenance of international peace and security through peace-keeping and humanitarian operations in accordance with international law.

Defend Zambia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity to ensure national peace and security for her citizens and residents;Encourage foreign nationals and other entities intending to operate in Zambia to adhere to national laws; and,

Encourage patriotism amongst Zambians in the Diaspora.

Encourage Zambian nationals to register with the Zambian Missions abroad; Provide consular services;

Encourage Zambians in the Diaspora to be patriotic and security conscious; Maximise the use of Honorary Consuls in strategic regions and countries;

Encourage Zambians living abroad to participate in the development of the country through financial remittances, technology, knowledge and skills transfers;

Zambians living abroad to market Zambia as an attractive tourism, trade and investment destination;

Develop strategies for harnessing and channelling the Diaspora resources for national development; and,

Create an effective platform for engaging the Zambian Diaspora in constructive dialogue for national development.

Zambia upholds the principle of conducting free and fair elections as tenets of democracy and good governance. Therefore, Zambia supports the Freedom of Assembly, Speech, Association and Movement as the basis of legitimate democratic dispensation. In this regard, Zambia shall continue to participate in election monitoring and observation under the auspices of regional and international bodies.


Zambia and the United Kingdom enjoy warm historical relations. The bilateral economic and technical co-operation between Zambia and Britain dates back to 1964, when Zambia gained her independence from Britain. The British Government channels its support to Zambia through the Department for International Development (DFID) Operational Plan for the period 2011-2016. This plan covers economic development, health, poverty and hunger, water and sanitation, governance, education and gender.

Cooperation from the UK is also in the form of the contribution of the many NGOs/Charities based in the UK that are doing developmental work in Zambia mainly in the areas of health, education, construction, sport, water and sanitation as well as community, youth and women empowerment, and child development.

In 2015, Zambia and the UK signed an Avoidance of Double Taxation Agreement. A British Chamber of Commerce has also been established in Zambia. The Zambia UK Trade and Investment Forum was held on 4th November, 2015, to promote trade and investment between the two countries. Pledged investment from the UK in Zambia is mainly in the areas of mining, tourism, agriculture, manufacturing, construction, real estate, transport, health, ICT, consulting, project management and other services. Some of Zambia exports to the UK include, copper, precious stones, flowers, honey, vegetables, sugar, tobacco, dairy products and art. Zambia imports mainly machinery, vehicles, pharmaceuticals, electrical products, chemical products, fertilizers, and plastics.

Zambia and the UK also cooperate within multilateral organisations that both are party to such as the Commonwealth, United Nations, International Sugar Organisations, International Coffee Organisations and the Centre for Agricultural Biosciences International.

The London Mission also oversees Ireland and the Holy See and is represented at Ambassador level on a non-residential basis.


The High Commissioner

Appointed High Commissioner for the Republic of Zambia to the United Kingdom on 25 April 2019 and sworn in on 10 May 2019 by His Excellency Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu, President of the Republic of Zambia.

High Commissioner Mihova plans to enhance the already warm and cordial relationship that exists between the Zambian and the UK. He will ensure that Trade and Investment between the two countries are enhanced, leveraging on the advantage of being a member of the Commonwealth.

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Meet the Embassy team

The key Zambian Foreign Service Officers and Diplomats of the Mission to the United Kingdom are as follows:

Mrs. Irene Chengo Mudenda

First Secretary-Trade

Mrs. Fanny H Kalebwe

First Secretary – Accounts

Mrs. Abigail Chaponda

First Secretary – Press

Mrs Patricia Chanda

Deputy High Commissioner

Mr. Liboma Lipalile

First Secretary-Protocol

H.E. Lieutenant General Paul Mihova (Rtd)

High Commissioner

Mr. Mwendabai Mataa

Counselor Political

Mr. Mukela Mutukwa

Counselor Economic

Ms. Alice Shanshima

First Secretary – Immigration

Mr. Donald Pelekamoyo

First Secretary – Tourism

Ms. Millica Nkoma Mutale

First Secretary- Political and Administration

Ms. Beatrice Mukuka

Second Secretary – Personal Assistant

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